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Dream Fulfiller

Chit Fund will help someone to fulfil his/her financial goals without depending on a loan. It is a disciplined way of materializing wishes with his/her own fund. Ex: – Purchase of Car, Construction/Renovation of house, marriage etc.

Compulsorily Saving & Investment

Chits provide a mode of savings for people who aspire to save for the future by setting apart a portion of their income. A chit subscriber needs to pay the amount month on month for chit fund, this would be a good habit of regular savings.

Higher Returns on Investment

The monthly dividend is the return on Chit Investment which is controlled by the same chit group itself. Chit Fund can give more return compared to bank fixed deposit depending upon the dynamism of the group.

The Solution of Unplanned (emergency) & Planned expenditure

The unique “save and borrow” feature of Chit Fund helps the subscriber to meet his/her planned and unplanned(emergency) expenditure.

Another basket of Investment (Diversification of portfolio)

Effective financial planning involves the diversification of the portfolio. It is better to invest the disposable income or surplus income in different baskets. Investments must spread across various financial products like Insurance, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bank Deposits and Chits

Least affected by Market fluctuation

Unlike capital market investments, gold and real estate investments, Chit fund is not affected by market changes/fluctuations.

Why Muthoot Chits?

  • Forman’s Credibility/Trust
  • Various Channels/Customer Touch Points – Ease of Operation
  • Multiple Options for Prize Money Distribution

Muthoot Pappachan Chits (India) Pvt Ltd

We are a part of the financial conglomerate Muthoot Pappachan Group(MPG), remain inspired and guided by the Trust story of our group- MPG, built over decades. Chit, being the first financial product of the group, Muthoot Pappachan Chits (India) Pvt Ltd, endeavours to offer complementary Chit Services to its customers who have unique financing requirements – both in Saving & borrowing front.

Saving money is an important aspect of life. During the life cycle, we may also seek loans either for acquiring an asset or meeting any financial emergency. Investing money and a borrowing avenue in case of an emergency, is a desire of any common man.

Subscription Amount No Of Months Location Apply
5000 20 Trivandrum Apply Now
5000 40 Trivandrum Apply Now
10000 30 Trivandrum Apply Now
15000 40 Bangalore Apply Now
20000 50 Bangalore Apply Now
25000 40 Bangalore Apply Now

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