Save and Borrow at your convenience.

A perfect savings and borrowing tool

Chits are a saving cum borrowing solution, uniquely designed for everyone’s needs. Invest in Muthoot Chits, a convenient financial product from the trusted Muthoot Pappachan Group, to increase your savings, borrow when you need to, and fulfil your short and long-term goals. Choose Chits to avail the following benefits:-

Financial Inclusion

Individuals employed in the informal sector do not meet the eligibility criteria of banks and other financial institutions. They are vulnerable to unscrupulous moneylenders who may exploit and harass them by charging exorbitant interest rates. Such individuals can join a Chit, to avail easy and hassle-free financing whenever needed.

Twin Benefit Advantage

Start as savings and opt to bid for the Prize Money whenever required. Chits offer the dual advantage of systematic savings and providing monthly dividends. The lump-sum Prize Money can be withdrawn whenever needed or kept as a reserve for future requirements.

Business Finance

Chits are an excellent source of finance for business owners who can use the Prize Money to either start a business, finance business operations, or purchase capital assets for the company. It can also play a critical role in relieving a sudden cash crunch in the business.

Absolute Freedom

You can use the winnings from the chit group to meet personal needs and fulfil your dreams. As a subscriber, you are free to spend the Prize Money as you want to. Unlike other financial institutions, you can use your Chits winning for any purpose, including weddings, religious functions, medical expenses, child education, and so on.

Regular returns

The distributable surplus is credited to your account as a dividend each month. Although not paid out in cash, these dividends reduce the amount of money you need to chip in the following month. It indirectly increases your gains from the Chit vis-a-vis the actual amount paid.

Emergency Reserve

You can always rely on getting money from Chit as unplanned expenses may crop up from time to time. It’s quite a reliable source of availing finance on short notice without the hassles of any additional paperwork and complex procedures.

A genuinely unique financial system, Chits is a favourite choice among many people. Be it a homemaker or a business person, a chit group can provide you with funds on short notice.

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Why Muthoot Chits?

Apart from the unique features of Chit as an investment product, the advantages mentioned below make us one of the most popular and preferred Chit Groups in the country.

  • The Muthoot Pappachan Group offers years of trust, excellence, and experience with Muthoot Chits. When you choose us, you become a part of our 133-year-old legacy.
  • Muthoot Chits offers maximum security, along with the freedom to choose the collateral you want to pledge as per your comfort. Apart from the standard security options, we also accept ‘Gold Ornaments’, Equity shares, MF, Bonds, Personal Guarantee, etc., as security for the future liability during Prize money disbursement.
  • Multiple payment options are available for your ease. You can easily make payments online, through Muthoot Pay or Blue App, through our collection agents, NACH Mandates, or at Muthoot Blue branches.
  • We offer complete transparency and are fully compliant with the rules & regulations of The Chit fund Act 1982 and respective State rules.
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