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  • Plan

    Select & Subscribe to a plan that matches your needs

  • Invest

    Reserve an affordable amount to invest systematically every month.

  • Borrow

    Borrow easily by bidding for the monthly Prize Money

  • Reap

    Earn monthly dividends on your investment

A Smart Way to Invest, Save and Gain

Participate in a wise investment option that is secure and allows you to borrow when you need it

Chit Calculators

Determine which plan best suits your needs. Input your monthly income and let our accurate Chit Calculator do the rest.

Select the most appropriate Chit Group by inputting your monthly income, the monthly installment you wish to pay, or the desired Prize Money.

0 10 Lac
0 1 Lac
0 9.95 Lac
0 100
Applicable Chit EMI Value
MAX Chit Value
0 3 Lac
0 100
Total Amount Payable
0 1 crore
0 100
Total Amount Payable

The Chit Cycle or The Chit Process

Let's assume

Chit Value(Chit Amount) = Rs.5 Lac (10K x 50), Members:50, Duration:50 Months, Auction finalised at 30%

  • 50 MEMBERS

    Every month contribute 10K each

  • This 5 Lac, will be distributed to a person through Auction

    POOLING 5 LAC (Chit amount every month)

  • Auction is to identify the bidder who offers Highest Discount

  • Foreman Comission
    @ 5% of Chit Amount

  • Dividend
    @ Rs.2500/Person
    (1.25 Lac/50)

    1.25 Lac
  • Prize Money
    (Auction Amount)
    Chit Amount - Discount

    3.5 Lac

Note: The pooled-in chit amount for the 1st month is retained by one of the members (Foreman). The above cycle/process of pool, auction, and the bid will be repeated each month from the second month onwards. – One of the members

Download the Muthoot Chits App

  • Track your chit progress
  • Notifications about your payments
  • Digital Payments; pay securely online
  • Manage your chit documents
  • Ability to participate in online auctions

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