Goal Based Solutions

Muthoot Chits has been particularly designed to enable you to save and meet your borrowing needs, all at once.

Business Needs

A perfect borrowing solution for your business needs.

  • Bulk Purchases

    Reduce the unit cost of your raw materials by buying in bulk.

  • Working Capital

    Meet your customers’ orders easily by giving your business a bit of extra cash.

  • Expansion

    Grow your business and invest in new products and services.

  • Seasonal Stock Taking

    Stock up on inventory well in advance of the surge in demand before festivals.

Reducing Liability

Save your precious earnings by reducing your financial liabilities.

  • Closing High-Cost Loans

    Foreclose your high-cost loans that eat into your long term savings.

  • Closing Credit Card Dues

    Save valuable money by clearing the outstanding amount on your Credit card.

  • Closing Personal Loans

    Pay off any financial obligations to your peers or lenders conveniently through Chits.

  • Part Closure Of Loan

    Reduce the impact of loan interest on your savings by partially closing your loans.

Family Commitments

Gain easy access to money for all your Life Cycle requirements

  • House Renovation

    Don’t think twice before taking up a home improvement project.

  • Marriage

    Easily available funds for the wedding of your near and dear ones.

  • Medical Expense

    Maintain a reserve for any healthcare-related emergencies.

  • Child Education

    Secure your child’s future by giving them the best in education.

Grow Investments & Wealth

Best way to acquire assets without taking a loan.

  • Land

    Purchase land or real estate and watch your money multiply.

  • Gold

    The best way to protect your earnings against inflation through a very liquid instrument.

  • Vehicles

    Glide through your daily commute by purchasing your dream vehicle.

  • Leisure Trip

    Invest in memories that you will cherish with your loved ones forever.

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